Jun 082008

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom who are studying laboratory rats have linked impulsive behavior to cocaine addiction. In the addiction field, it has been unclear to many scientists which came first, the impulsive behavior or the cocaine addiction leading to impulsivity.

Now, the researchers believe the behavior comes first. The researchers separated out two groups. The first was the impulsive group and the second was the thrill seeking group. The thrill seeking group sampled the cocaine first, but quickly lost interest thereafter. The impulsive group was slower to sample cocaine, but also was the group that became addicted.

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  2 Responses to “Impulsive Behavior May Lead to Cocaine Addiction”

  1. I think if you are from impulsive group may be easier to fight with you addiction.Just one second and you are on the other side fighting with it.Thrill seeking group would be more falling for addiction than impulsive because they search and when they finding thing that they wanted they may stay longer with it.

  2. I think thrill seekers would be more attracted to alcohol. People who are easily distracted would be more willing to continue to try cocaine as it adds intense focus for bursts of time and moving from shiny light to shiny light seems to be important.

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