The Addictions of Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Feb 102014

Critically-acclaimed actor dies from drug overdose.  That seems to be the common headline that has been circulating through the press and the media for decades – it seems as if the only thing that really changes about those particular types of headlines is the actual name of the actor involved. Sadly, the first major actor of 2014 was Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Hoffman had definitely played his share of dramatic and also comedic roles throughout his lengthy career on the big screen. However, the real-life role that he played when the cameras were off and the interviews were over was that of a major heroin addict and struggling alcoholic – addictions that eventually led to his untimely demise and unexpected death.

When Did It All Start?

According to an interview that was conducted on CBS for “60 Minutes” back in 2006, Hoffman admitted that his drug use originated during his college days of heavy partying back at New York University’s school for drama. That was the period of time in which he became very familiar within the ups and downs of both drugs and alcohol. However, he stated that he panicked for his life and checked into rehab shortly after graduation in order to break the habit and clean himself up permanently. Sadly, “permanently” did not last as long as he would’ve hoped.

A Continuous Struggle

Hoffman continuously struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his adult life and Hollywood career, with him checking himself into rehab and detox centers numerous times. His most recent trip to rehab was in 2013 when he checked himself into a 10-day detox program for a prescription drug addiction that became the gateway to heroin. According to several reports and interviews conducted around that time, he had only started using heroin for about one week before he came to the realization that he needed to seek help immediately, which is what led him to rehab.

The Final Relapse

Even though it may have seemed as if Hoffman was doing great and improving his physical and mental health after he completed his detox program, he was clearly on the brink of breaking down and returning to his old habits for quite some time. Shortly before his death, footage of the actor appearing at local bars in Atlanta started to circulate. His body was even found with a needle in his arm, surrounding by close to 50 bags of heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be dearly missed, but hopefully his death will save the lives of other addicts that are still living and need help with this problem.


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