Molly Club Drug No Friend to Illinois

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Oct 092013

Molly is a club drug and a more intense form of Ecstasy also known as MDMA. And recently Molly has been hitting the concert and club scene more than at any time in the past, especially in Illinois.

According to CBS Local Chicago, “The pure form of the drug looks like rock crystals. They are crushed into a powder and packed into capsules. Some users mix the powder in water and drink it …

“…Illinois Poison Control says there is a big spike in Molly overdoses; double the number since 2011. At least 200 Molly overdoses are expected in Illinois this year.

“Authorities say there is a false sense of security the drug is harmless. It is popular at concerts and police say it is being tried by teens and 20-somethings who never took drugs. Videos of young people claiming to be using Molly can be found all over YouTube.”

Molly causes a body’s temperature to rise and a false sense of well-being which can lead to emergency room visits or even death.


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