How To Make Money Selling Drugs Movie Review

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Jul 102013

How To Make Money Selling Drugs is a documentary feature film directed by Matthew Cooke who is also the writer. The movie is produced by Adrien Grenier. The documentary features rapper and actor 50 Cent along with having Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson and David Simon as commentators.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs is a film that takes you on an hour and a half ride through the told and untold truths of the entire world of drugs, America’s war on drugs and the socioeconomic, cultural and political fallouts of a problem that has plagued every nation on the planet. Matthew Cooke manages to brew a cocktail of sorts with his documentary where he mixes style with substance, wild explorations with cautionary tales and manages to drive home a point, but not to the extent that the film is mired being preachy.

As the documentary builds up the premise, every movie buff will get a ‘been there seen that’ feeling. The likes of Brian De Palma first, with Scarface and its brethrens, and the likes of Guy Ritchie later, have already been put on screen numerous times with the various backdrops where the typical drug peddler, the ambitious young drug dealer or the hapless addict come from. Matthew Cooke’s How To Make Money Selling Drugs doesn’t really differ from the cult classics in this regard. However, where the documentary does differ is in its treatment and where the script takes you to.

No sooner do you realize that drugs are a road to riches for some than Cooke brings you to the bitter realities of the drug world. It brings to light lots of facts, anecdotes and research throughout the film but what is striking is the differential treatment meted out to white people with drugs and black or Hispanic people with drugs, wealthy people with drugs and people from traditionally impoverished backgrounds with drugs. Cooke almost propagates that addiction to drugs should not be addressed just as a war on drugs but also as a war on addiction, since that is what triggers the penchant towards any illicit substance.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs manages to engage you, intrigues you with some lesser known facts and some moments in the finale hit the nail right in where you get the real message.


The message of the movie is sure to be controversial, but it’s critical to get many different points of view when discussing drugs and addiction.

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