Convenience Stores Saying No to Bath Salts

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May 132013

Here’s a common sense story that shows a grass roots movement to educate convenience store owners about the dangers that bath salts pose to the community. While Ohio is in the process of making bath salts (the ones that people are using to get a drug high) illegal, other communities have turned to education.

According to the Crestview News Bulletin, “A majority of Okaloosa County’s convenience stores reportedly has joined an effort to combat synthetic cocaine sales.

“Sixty of some 80 convenience stores, including area Tom Thumb stores, have accepted the ‘Gold Star’ retailer designation, declining to sell so-called bath salts.

“They can display a ‘Sheriff’s Gold Star Retailer’ placard, which features the warning, ‘Synthetic drugs kill’ in large letters.”

This shows that it is important to go at the drug problem from different angles including legislative, law enforcement and educational at the same time.

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