California Rogue Pharmacists Feeding Addictions

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Dec 202012

California rogue pharmacists are teaming up with rogue doctors in over dispensing prescription medications to addicts. A number of deaths have occurred as a result.

According to the L. A. Times, “Rogue pharmacists have a symbiotic relationship with physicians who prescribe drugs for addicts. Neither can flourish without the other.

“Their cooperation is usually unplanned. Through trial and error, addicts whose doctor writes prescriptions for narcotics will discover a pharmacist willing to dispense the drugs without the appropriate scrutiny. Then word gets around.

“Both pharmacist and doctor can reap a windfall by writing and filling large numbers of prescriptions for cash.”

In one case one of these pharmacies failed to account for over 12,000 OxyContin tablets. And the price on the street for these tablets is over $1 million.

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