Oct 242012

Red Ribbon Week 2012 runs from October 23 – 31. I’ve talked about Red Ribbon Week several times in the past starting in 2007. Last year there was a contest in which students could win an iPad2 for themselves and $1,000 for their schools.

There is another contest this year held by the National Family Partnership. The prize is nearly the same as a student can win an iPad (upgrade from the iPad2 of last year) for themselves and $1,000 for their K-12 school. Contest details are on the Red Ribbon Blog.

Red Ribbon Week was inspired after the 1985 kidnapping, torturing and killing of a DEA agent named Enrique Camarena. This horrible event happened in Guadalajara, Mexico where Camarena spent four years dealing with drug cartels.

Residents of Camarena’s hometown in California wore red ribbons after this event and this has since become a symbol of drug prevention in order to cut down on these types of crimes.

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Oct 152012

I went back and forth in my head about whether or not to blog about this. And then I decided that since an Atlanta news outlet had already talked about illegal drugs for sale on the Internet, (on the Internet and elsewhere) with video and text description that basically the cat was already out of the bag.

The 11Alive News crew has discovered how easy it is to buy prescription medication and non-prescription illicit drugs online with the help of Craigslist. This is a problem that needs publicity so that it can be addressed. Just like Craigslist used to publish adult ads and finally took those down, similar filters should also be in place with regard to drugs.

Besides addicts seeking drugs for their own use, there are also others seeking prescription medication for a variety of reasons. And counterfeit medications is a big issue here. For instance, when you buy from an anonymous source, how to you know what you’re getting is authentic and won’t hurt your health?

Like I said, the cat is already out of the bag. Write your lawmakers so they will take notice and take action.

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