Colombia’s Queen of Cocaine Killed

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Sep 042012

Griselda Blanco, 69, was also known in Colombia as the “Queen of Cocaine.” Blanco was killed by two gunshot wounds at close range.

According to CNN, “Witnesses heard the roar of a motorcycle and two gunshots Monday afternoon, Medellin police spokesman Diego Chavarria said. By the time authorities arrived at the scene in Belen, a residential neighborhood in Medellin, they found Blanco lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

“Blanco, also known as ‘the godmother’ and ‘mafia’s mother,’ gained notoriety in the 1970s and ’80s when, authorities say, she was responsible for shipping multi-ton shipments of cocaine from Colombia to Miami. She was also the mastermind, investigators say, of countless murders. She was also linked to drug lord Pablo Escobar.”

Florida authorities estimate Blanco was involved in at least 40 murders in Miami, Queens and Broward County.

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