National Quit and Recovery Registry Promotes Addiction Heroes

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Nov 092011

There is a new addiction website online with a wonderful idea behind it. And that idea is to use the strategies of “addiction heroes” (those people who have at least one year of sobriety) to help others struggling with alcohol, drugs or other addictions.

According to CBS News, “Those … who have turned around their addictions to alcohol, drugs and other abusive behavior for at least one year are being asked to share their strategies with researchers as part of the National Quit & Recovery Registry. Using social media and other tools, the registry is gathering the lessons of people who have quit tobacco or have been in recovery for addictions that also include gambling, overeating and excessive sexual activity.

“It started in October by the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute in Roanoke. Warren Bickel, director of the Advanced Recovery Research Center at the institute, said the first-of-its-kind registry will shine a light on the recovery process through the unique experiences of those who have shed their addictions.”

According to the National Quit and Recovery Registry (NQRR) no one has yet to catalog the positive strategies that work for people to kick their addictions. And, the good news is that this online resource is available to anyone wanting to break their addiction or learn more about how to break free.

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