Jul 262011

There is no proof yet that famous singer Amy Winehouse who died Saturday, July 23 in London, England did so because of drugs and/or alcohol. The toxicology reports are still 4 weeks away and the initial coroner’s autopsy was inconclusive.

Adding to the mystery is that no illicit drugs or alcohol were found by her bed where she died. She had told a bodyguard that she just wanted to go to sleep. And around six hours later a bodyguard noticed that she wasn’t breathing and called for help.

What we do know is that Amy Winehouse was a chain smoker and liked to smoke crack cocaine as well as drink. In 2008 it was reported that Winehouse’s lung capacity was 70-percent of normal due to her smoking habits.

So, when the results come in, it may be that Amy Winehouse did not die of a drug overdose as some are speculating. It may also be that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes contributed to the demise of her overall health condition, to the point where they were contributing factors to her death.


Note: On October 26, 2011 the speculation ended. Amy Winehouse, according to the coroner, died of alcohol poisoning.

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