Jan 172010

A lot of people like to see celebrities trip and fall. Some take pleasure out of jealously while others feel more connected to the celebrity as a human being rather than a persona. I’m not mentioning Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to promote the TV show. I’m mentioning it because it shows some of the human frailties that bind us all and make us all vulnerable to addiction.

One of the celebrities on the show, Dennis Rodman is the poster boy for denial. He was voted off Donald Trump’s The Apprentice TV Show after being confronted by TV star Jesse James, about Rodman’s problem with alcohol addiction. Rodman denied the problem.

On the first episode of Celebrity Rehab, Rodman said he was sent there because of court order and that he didn’t have an addiction problem. According to TMZ, on the same day as the premiere of Celebrity Rehab, Rodman was tossed out of an Orange County, CA restaurant for bad behavior after drinking vodka.

Ex Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss was ostracized by friends and family after her conviction and prison sentence. She now lives in the desert with only a bunch of parrots to keep her company. She uses drugs to keep the deep loneliness at bay.

And then there is child TV star turned adult Mackenzie Phillips who has recently revealed an adult incestual relationship with her father that started in childhood. Sexual abuse at any time in one’s life makes a person vulnerable to drug or alcohol abuse.

There is a page on the main website about famous addicts that was put up not to shame celebrities but to give hope to the non celebrities. Addiction crosses all races, socio-economic classes and affects all people everywhere. It can also make one feel very isolated and lonely.

Knowing that celebrities struggle with addiction like everyone else can help a little with this loneliness. And finding a peer group struggling with the same issues as oneself is also helpful in overcoming and managing one’s addictions.

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