Sep 232009

Basic meth recipes are making it easier for addicts to continue their habits. This news comes from the Polk County Sheriff’s office in Florida. According to the report, even after the laws were tightened in 2006, putting some of the basic ingredients behind the counter, those who have a will for the drug still have a way.

According to the Sheriff’s office, those who want to use basic meth recipes can buy their supplies from Wal-Mart and Walgreens. The amounts are smaller than could be made pre-2006, but this do-it-yourself approach has many concerned.

Besides the addiction aspect of cooking the basic recipes for meth, the process itself can be quite explosive. Another aspect that is alarming is that in this Florida county more meth labs have been busted this year than any other year, albeit the labs are smaller.

This just goes to show how addictive methamphetamines can be. These addicts will go to any length possible to keep their habits going, risking their health by ingesting caustic chemicals and setting themselves up for explosions and fire, using the smallest amounts possible that they can get their hands upon.

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