Feb 112009

The ingredients to make homemade ecstasy often vary because “e” is an illegal and banned substance and there is no oversight in its manufacturing. Ecstasy is known as a “club drug” since it is often taken at discos, raves and nightclubs.

Those who are looking for the specific ingredients to make homemade ecstasy will be disappointed, since it is invariably made in a laboratory setting, albeit mostly those that are makeshift. The main ingredient in “e” is 3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-Methylamphetamine also known as MDMA.

A couple more ingredients similar to MDMA are MDEA and MDA. In fact, both of these illicit drugs are so similar many people cannot tell the difference. Ecstasy may also be laced with a variety of other substances including amphetamines, LSD, ephedrine, Ketamine, caffeine and even aspirin.

If one is seeking out ingredients to make homemade Ecstasy, then some form of intervention and rehab may be in order. For other curious, academic types, then hopefully this information has helped.

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