Meth Labs Still Alive and Kicking in the U. S.

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Jan 182009

Because of many restrictions over the past few years on buying the chemicals in the U. S. to make methamphetamines, many meth labs have moved south of the border. Or at least in theory. But many meth labs are still to be found on U. S. soil as well.

A search on Google News for “meth labs” will confirm many articles about drug busts that are still taking place on American soil. A quick scan of today’s stories include busts in Cuyahoga Falls, New York, Trenton, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Biloxi, Mississippi and City of Hurricane, West Virginia and this is just on the first page of results.

Even though a significant amount of meth may have move south, there is still homegrown methamphetamines to be found in a neighborhood near you. And this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

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