May 262008

With the pressure of school exams looming, more students are taking cognitive performance enhancing drugs in order to pass tests. According to the Academy of Medical Sciences, more kids are dipping into their parents and grandparents medicine cabinets to take prescription medication normally meant to treat Alzheimer’s Disease and ADHD.

Because of test examination pressure, students are looking to enhance memory and boost alertness with these drugs. No longer is caffeine the drug of choice for many students as other cognitive performance enhancing drugs (which can be likened to sports performance enhancing drugs) are now taking the forefront.

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Half of Liverpool’s Youth Have Taken Cocaine

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May 092008

Researchers from John Moores University in Liverpool, UK have concluded that over 50-percent of the city’s youth have taken cocaine. Liverpool was one of nine European cities named in the report and the site of the most prevalent use of drugs and alcohol.

The findings suggested that those from ages 16 to 35 turn to drugs and alcohol as a cultural norm aimed at enhancing their sex lives. There were 1,341 youngsters surveyed led by the University’s Professor Mark Bellis.

Even though there were protests from some groups that Liverpool was unfairly targeted by the survey, these same groups also acknowledged there is indeed a significant cocaine problem in the city due to its prevalence and availability.

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