Gene Linked to Alcohol Addiction

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Sep 272007

Results of a study published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research have concluded that a specific gene, previously unidentified may also be responsible for alcohol addiction and other addictive behavior. Author of the study, Danielle Dick, has stated that the gene named ankyrin repeat and kinase domain containing 1 (ANKK1) is one of the genes responsible for making people vulnerable to addiction.

Previous research has centered around the neighboring gene, DRD2. The research on the DRD2 gene has had serious limitations, however, and the new research on the ANKK1 gene sheds light on these limitations. By implicating another gene is the same region, researchers now believe that several genes in the same phenotype are involved.

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Inhaling Adhesives Get Orphaned Indians High

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Sep 202007

There is an article in the Calcutta, India Telegraph that talks about how orphaned Indian youngsters are getting high on inhaling adhesives at the local railway station. The inhaling of adhesives is used to curb hunger pains and the injuries from fighting other kids for survival.

Rescue efforts for some of these youth are taking place, however. The Hope Foundation and Cini Asha are taking steps to befriend some of these youngsters then bring them back to their facilities to treat their addictions and relieve them from the railway lifestyle.

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Hitting Rock Bottom Not Necessary to Treat Addiction

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Sep 142007

One of the long-standing myths about recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is that one has to hit rock bottom first. According to Medical University of South Carolina psychiatry professor, Dr. Kathleen Brady, “Addicts and alcoholics are more likely to recover if they still have a job, if they still have a spouse, if their family still lets them in the door.”

Brady says that willpower and morality has nothing to do with the recovery process. She also states that this country tends to criminalize addiction by sending people to prison for taking illicit substances rather than putting them in rehab.

Some of this has changed in the last couple of years, thanks to new technology. Because of the advent of ankle bracelets that monitor drug and alcohol use, this has kept many people in their homes and jobs rather than in prison. More states and counties, however, need to avail themselves of this new technology in order to give addicts the best chances of recovery.

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National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

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Sep 062007

September has now been designated National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. It has been estimated that alcohol abuse and drug addiction cost U. S. taxpayers $294 billion every year.

During his National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month proclamation, President George W. Bush said, “Alcohol and drug addiction can ruin lives and devastate families. We must continue working toward a society in which our citizens can lead lives free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.”

The purpose of the proclamation of September as a month of substance abuse recovery is to raise awareness for the seriousness of the disease and the impact that it not only has on the individuals, but their families, friends, coworkers and society at large, as well.

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