Drug Offers Hope to Finnish Drinkers

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Jul 312007

Finland has had the reputation of host a large percentage of binge drinkers as part of it Scandinavian culture. A recent study of a new drug has set out to curb the cravings in that country, however.

Finnish researchers have found that the drug nalmefene caused a definite reduction in drinking among those who took the drug as opposed to those who took a placebo. The U. S. FDA has not approved nalmefene yet as an alcohol reduction treatment program as it is still investigating the drug.

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Lindsay Lohan Fails Rehab with DUI and Drug Possession Charge

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Jul 242007

Just out of drug and alcohol rehab, Lindsay Lohan was arrested early this morning for DUI and possession of cocaine. Lohan was booked for driving with a suspended license as well as driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level measuring .12 and .08 as the legal limit for intoxication. Lohan was also booked on two felony charges as well for possession of cocaine and transportation of a narcotic substance.

Lindsay Lohan was given a field sobriety test in a parking lot in Santa Monica after an altercation. Lohan failed the test. Lohan had two other passengers in her vehicle at the time of the incident. Lindsay Lohan had, until recently been in a drug and alcohol rehab facility following a Memorial Day hit and run driving incident, in which she was booked.

Lohan had been wearing an ankle bracelet to monitor her use of drugs and alcohol while in rehab, but is no longer wearing the device. Lohan was released on $25,000 bail and will most likely be headed back to rehab for the fourth time.

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Jul 102007

Over the past couple of years, the link between childhood ADD and ADHD and addiction later in life has been well documented. But, the research has also caused some confusion among parents who have resisted medicating their children for these disorders for fear that this will lead to a chemical dependency problem later.

What some parents have failed to realize is that undiagnosed and untreated ADD and ADHD have the highest rates of addiction for these disorders. In A Mother’s Diary, Barbara Mulloy-Robbins M.C., M.S.C., talks about her own personal experience raising two sons with ADHD and their chemical dependency issues later.

Robbins, like many other researchers conclude that early diagnosis and treatment of these disorders offers the best prognosis for avoiding addiction problems later in life.

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