Tutti Fruiti Cocaine Trend Geared Towards Youth

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Jun 292007

As if the allure for cocaine isn’t bad enough, now illicit drug makers have taken the phrase “nose candy” literally and flavored cocaine like real candy. According to the Sacramento Bee in Northern California, six people were recently arrested with three pounds of cocaine flavored to taste like strawberries and coconuts.

According to DEA officials, this is a marketing tool to attract younger customers for the drug dealers. With this disturbing trend, one has to wonder what the next trend will be and if it will include such items as cocaine lollipops, cocaine ice cream cones and cocaine cotton candy?

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Cracks About Crack Get TV Sitcom in Hot Water

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Jun 212007

TBS TV show Tyler Perry’s House of Payne first aired a couple of weeks ago to record ratings for the network. But, what has gotten some people riled up is that the main characters have made some cracks about crack cocaine, accompanied by laugh track that many have found offensive.

With over 5 million viewers for each of the first two episodes, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne has seen a gain in acceptance as well from those who like sitcoms to push the envelop of social commentary. Crack slapstick has never been tried before on a family show and these crack wisecracks may not be so wise in the coming weeks if viewers and advertisers start to pull out.

It remains to be seen how heavily or lightly Payne will tread on this subject as stepping over the line may just cause the show a world of hurt when it comes to ratings.

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Parenting Tips to Prevent Drug Addiction in Children

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Jun 122007

An article on the Health24 site talks about parenting tips to help prevent drug addiction in their children as they grow older. Many drug addicts have been predestined to drug abuse since childhood, so there are techniques parents can use to help prevent problems later.

Label behavior instead of the identity of children is one tip. According to the article, labeling the children themselves as somehow bad or inadequate damages self esteem and can cause people to turn to drugs later to fill the void or block out negative self-image thoughts.

Encouraging kids to feel and express their feelings is a wonderful tool that will promote health in children and healthy adults later on. Other tips are to set boundaries and promote self-esteem in children. Each of these techniques will have a positive impact on children in the home and will be something that will help them later in life as well.

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