Apr 212014

In Costa Mesa, California a confessed Ecstasy dealer is going to prison. The dealer was nabbed after selling over 1,000 pills for $3 each.

According to the OC Weekly, “A 2009 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigation into massive sales of the party drug Ecstasy (or MDMA) in Costa Mesa near Orange Coast College resulted this month in a prison term of 46 months for one of the drug dealers.

“It’s not known what arguments Andrew Quoc Tran’s defense lawyer and Assistant United States Attorney Robert J. Keenan made about punishment because U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney sealed the debate from public view.

“Tran, who has been free from custody on $30,000 bail, pleaded guilty in March 2010 to four criminal counts filed in a federal indictment.”

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Mar 192014

It may be no secret that drug addiction knows no socio-economical boundaries. And this is once again validated with the arrest of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay recently.

According to the Indy Star, “Irsay was arrested for driving while under the influence and possession of a controlled substance, after being stopped late Sunday by police.

“In November 2002, Irsay admitted he had checked himself into an out-of-state rehabilitation facility after becoming dependent on prescription pain medications. That revelation came after his name was linked to a federal and local investigation involving possible prescription drug fraud by a local plastic surgeon.”

Irsay has talked about his painkiller addiction over the years in 2003, 2005 and as recently as 2012.




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Feb 102014

Critically-acclaimed actor dies from drug overdose.  That seems to be the common headline that has been circulating through the press and the media for decades – it seems as if the only thing that really changes about those particular types of headlines is the actual name of the actor involved. Sadly, the first major actor of 2014 was Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Hoffman had definitely played his share of dramatic and also comedic roles throughout his lengthy career on the big screen. However, the real-life role that he played when the cameras were off and the interviews were over was that of a major heroin addict and struggling alcoholic – addictions that eventually led to his untimely demise and unexpected death.

When Did It All Start?

According to an interview that was conducted on CBS for “60 Minutes” back in 2006, Hoffman admitted that his drug use originated during his college days of heavy partying back at New York University’s school for drama. That was the period of time in which he became very familiar within the ups and downs of both drugs and alcohol. However, he stated that he panicked for his life and checked into rehab shortly after graduation in order to break the habit and clean himself up permanently. Sadly, “permanently” did not last as long as he would’ve hoped.

A Continuous Struggle

Hoffman continuously struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his adult life and Hollywood career, with him checking himself into rehab and detox centers numerous times. His most recent trip to rehab was in 2013 when he checked himself into a 10-day detox program for a prescription drug addiction that became the gateway to heroin. According to several reports and interviews conducted around that time, he had only started using heroin for about one week before he came to the realization that he needed to seek help immediately, which is what led him to rehab.

The Final Relapse

Even though it may have seemed as if Hoffman was doing great and improving his physical and mental health after he completed his detox program, he was clearly on the brink of breaking down and returning to his old habits for quite some time. Shortly before his death, footage of the actor appearing at local bars in Atlanta started to circulate. His body was even found with a needle in his arm, surrounding by close to 50 bags of heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be dearly missed, but hopefully his death will save the lives of other addicts that are still living and need help with this problem.


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Jan 132014

Wet counties have fewer meth labs and less methamphetamine use than dry counties according to Kentucky researchers at the University of Louisville. The researchers found that Kentucky could reduce the number of methamphetamine seizures by increasing the wet (alcohol is Okay) counties.

According to DecaturDaily.com, “So, to summarize, wet counties have fewer meth lab seizures than dry counties because they have fewer meth labs. They have fewer meth labs not because of pressure on supply but because of a lower demand for meth. And they have a lower demand for meth because alcohol, a substitute good, is easier and less expensive to obtain.”

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Dec 162013

Krokodil is an opiate with the scientific name desomorphine and is spreading across the United States at an alarming rate. Like all opiates, Krokodil stimulates the reward center of the brain and one big side effect of the drug is that it will cause users skin to rot away. It is estimated that 1 million people in Russia are addicted to Krokodil and now this drug has made it’s ways to U. S. shores.

According to CBS News, “More cases of Krokodil use are reportedly popping up around the United States, prompting some medical professionals to warn that the addictive, poisonous drug has reached American shores …

“It doesn’t help that the drug is easy to produce at home with codeine, gasoline, paint thinner and a few other ingredients. Codeine is sold over-the-counter in Russia, and addicts can easily purchase these items necessary to cook the drug.

“The finished product isn’t purified and may contain toxic substances left over from the cooking process, which cause tissue damage to the veins and flesh and can result in gangrene, or body tissue that rots and dies. The drug got its nickname — which means crocodile in Russian — for the green, scale-like spots abusers develop after shooting up. The average user dies within two to three years after starting to use the drug.”


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Nov 202013

The U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has issued a report called the National Drug Threat Assessment Summary. This report states that use of heroin and methamphetamines is on the rise in the United States.

According to the L. A. Times, “… the amount of heroin seized at the southern U.S. border increased 232% between 2008 and 2012 – apparently the result of greater Mexican heroin production and a growing incursion by Mexican traffickers into U.S. markets. It notes that the U.S. is experiencing a ‘sizable increase’ in the number of new heroin users.

“Methamphetamine seizures at the Mexican border, meanwhile, increased fivefold in the same time period, although the report notes that U.S. demand and abuse data for meth appeared to remain stable.”

The DEA summary also states that prescription drug and marijuana use continue to climb as well.


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Oct 092013

Molly is a club drug and a more intense form of Ecstasy also known as MDMA. And recently Molly has been hitting the concert and club scene more than at any time in the past, especially in Illinois.

According to CBS Local Chicago, “The pure form of the drug looks like rock crystals. They are crushed into a powder and packed into capsules. Some users mix the powder in water and drink it …

“…Illinois Poison Control says there is a big spike in Molly overdoses; double the number since 2011. At least 200 Molly overdoses are expected in Illinois this year.

“Authorities say there is a false sense of security the drug is harmless. It is popular at concerts and police say it is being tried by teens and 20-somethings who never took drugs. Videos of young people claiming to be using Molly can be found all over YouTube.”

Molly causes a body’s temperature to rise and a false sense of well-being which can lead to emergency room visits or even death.


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Sep 062013

A synthetic pot probe is underway concerning three recent deaths and at least 75 hospital emergency room visits in Colorado. The fake marijuana is sold in some convenience stores in packets of herbal supplements. This herbal packets have been sprayed with chemicals that will give smokers a high.

According to the Denver Post, “The CDC is sending four people to help with the epidemiological probe, which will look at medical charts of patients reporting the symptoms and study toxicology results …

… The announcement comes after metro Denver emergency rooms have seen a surge of new cases they attribute to the material, which often comes in teabag-size packets under names like Spice or Black Mamba. The illegal drugs are usually pieces of dried herb sprayed with synthetic chemicals that can mimic the effects of marijuana without leaving a THC trace in urine samples.”


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Aug 072013

A rumor has been leaking out lately that singer Chaka Khan had been in rehab for addiction to prescription medication. And she is at the same facility as Lindsay Lohan. The rumor has turned out to be accurate and the prescribed medication is painkillers for an old knee injury.

According to Chaka Khan’s website on August 07, 2013, “To choose to do what is necessary to better one’s self is commendable. I applaud Lindsay Lohan for doing the work. She is a lovely young lady and I pray for her well-being. The battle of addiction is a serious and long process, which is why I chose to address my use of prescription medications—which came about as a result of the knee surgery I had a few years ago.

“When and if necessary, I will seek alternative methods and traditional treatment to stay ahead of any potential problem. So many are not here today, and have lost this battle with addiction. Because these medications are legal, their abuse is often unknown—until it’s too late. If not handled they are a silent killer.”



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Jul 102013

How To Make Money Selling Drugs is a documentary feature film directed by Matthew Cooke who is also the writer. The movie is produced by Adrien Grenier. The documentary features rapper and actor 50 Cent along with having Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson and David Simon as commentators.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs is a film that takes you on an hour and a half ride through the told and untold truths of the entire world of drugs, America’s war on drugs and the socioeconomic, cultural and political fallouts of a problem that has plagued every nation on the planet. Matthew Cooke manages to brew a cocktail of sorts with his documentary where he mixes style with substance, wild explorations with cautionary tales and manages to drive home a point, but not to the extent that the film is mired being preachy.

As the documentary builds up the premise, every movie buff will get a ‘been there seen that’ feeling. The likes of Brian De Palma first, with Scarface and its brethrens, and the likes of Guy Ritchie later, have already been put on screen numerous times with the various backdrops where the typical drug peddler, the ambitious young drug dealer or the hapless addict come from. Matthew Cooke’s How To Make Money Selling Drugs doesn’t really differ from the cult classics in this regard. However, where the documentary does differ is in its treatment and where the script takes you to.

No sooner do you realize that drugs are a road to riches for some than Cooke brings you to the bitter realities of the drug world. It brings to light lots of facts, anecdotes and research throughout the film but what is striking is the differential treatment meted out to white people with drugs and black or Hispanic people with drugs, wealthy people with drugs and people from traditionally impoverished backgrounds with drugs. Cooke almost propagates that addiction to drugs should not be addressed just as a war on drugs but also as a war on addiction, since that is what triggers the penchant towards any illicit substance.

How To Make Money Selling Drugs manages to engage you, intrigues you with some lesser known facts and some moments in the finale hit the nail right in where you get the real message.


The message of the movie is sure to be controversial, but it’s critical to get many different points of view when discussing drugs and addiction.

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